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The struggle over 1989. The rise and contestation of eastern European populism (3rd September, 2019)

Istorijos profesorius: Berlyno sienos griūtis Vakarams tapo jų pačių grožį atspindinčiu veidrodžiu (Article in Lithuanian) (18th November, 2019)

1989 metai: vieningos Europos istorijos atspirtis? (Article in Lithuanian) (2nd December, 2019)

Globalisation for Eastern Europe did not start in 1989. Interview with James Mark, a professor of history at Exeter University and one of the three authors of 1989: A Global History of Eastern Europe (26th January, 2020)

Rethinking the Revolutionary Recipe. The Idea of Non-Violent Revolution (2nd March, 2020)

Democracies in revolt. Rethinking 1989 and the Future of Democracy (5th March, 2020)

Rethink 1989 Event: Media and Civil Society Renewal in CEE (21st April, 2020)

Gyvoji atmintis tarp praeities ir ateities (Article in Lithuanian) (11th November, 2020)

The line between politics and friendship. A review of Twilight of Democracy:The Seductive Lure of Authoritarianism and Twilight of Democracy. The Failure of Politics and the Parting of Friends. By Anne Applebaum (16th November, 2020)

We took our victories for granted. An interview with Vladimir Tismaneanu, a political scientist atthe University of Maryland, College Park (17th November, 2020)

The revolution of 1989 – A case of Romanian exceptionalism? A conversation with Marius Stan, a scholar and co-author of Romania Confronts its Communist Past: Democracy, Memory and Moral Justice (7th December, 2020)

In the Soviet era, national elements were used as a substitute for faith. The interview with Nerija Putinaitė, Associate Professor at the Institute of International Relations and Political Science at Vilnius university (8th January, 2021)

There is a lot of unreasonable euphoria in Lithuania about the collapse of the Soviet Union. An interview with Alvydas Nikžentaitis, director of the Lithuanian Institute of History (1st February, 2021)

What 1989 can (and cannot) teach us (3rd February, 2021)

Interview: The Historic Role of Solidarity (4th March, 2021)

Ce que 1989 peut (et ne peut pas) nous apprendre (Article in French) (18th April, 2021)

A Hungarian Transitionthat Needed a Revolutio A conversation with Daniel Oross, a Research Fellow atthe Centre for Social Sciences at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (13th April, 2021)

Ko mus gali (ir negali) išmokyti 1989-ieji? (Article in Lithuanian) (18th April, 2021)

The Never-Ending Comparison between East and West. Reflecting on the 1989 Protests and the Fall of the Berlin Wall (20th April, 2021)

The history of revolutions: Democracy in action or democracy in turmoil?A conversation with Yevhenii Monastyrskyi, a Luhansk native, historian, and sociologist (26th May, 2021)

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